Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm Baaack!

Hi to Everyone still around :D  I know I've been absent for a really, really long time, but I've been busy...getting body parts replaced.  Ugh.  Have a new right knee and right hip that I fondly refer to as "my right Nip".  Am going to be getting a new left knee in the fall.  I believe it was Betty Davis who said that "Growing old ain't for sissies."  I concur.  On the hand, I'm sure you'll agree it's much better than the alternative.  
I haven't just been concentrating on my body parts I've teamed up with ePUBLISHING WORKS to bring out many of my back-list titles (many long out of print) in ebooks.  Working with Brian and Nina Paules has been great!  So far we've brought out: The Louisiana Ladies Series, which consists of DECEIVE NOT MY HEART, MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE and LOVE BE MINE.  The second series is titled Southern Women and includes, AT LONG LAST, LOVE A DARK RIDER, EACH TIME WE LOVE & THE TIGER LILY.  I'm currently finishing up with English Brides and those books are: A HEART FOR THE TAKING, SWEAR BY THE MOON and WHILE PASSION SLEEPS.  That series should be out sometime this summer. There will be one more after that: Reckless Women, which will include GYPSY LADY, LADY VIXEN and THE SPANISH ROSE.
As I have done so many times in the past, I apologize for not being a better blogger, or should I say "muser".
We've just had a lot on our plate.You know.  Real life.  We're fine.  Looking forward to the future.  I've been researching for a new ORIGINAL series.  Yes, finally there'll be something new from Busbee.  Just don't hold your breath.
And for the gazillionth time, I promise to be more timely with my musings.


  1. Do you think you’ll ever get everything available on ebook? I’d really like to purchase your older stuff!

  2. Have always loved your books, so for someone like me (now devoted to her ereader) converting favorites is more convenient. Expensive, but still convenient aND FUN. I have thousands of print books - four very tall book shelves full of them, each shelf doubled. And I've managed to add close to 2500 books on my Nook!

  3. I love everything you have written. In fact I have most them 2 and 3 times each.