Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Done!

Hi All: Boy have I been a bad girl about the blog! Sorry. Just been busy finishing up the latest book. Finally finished it at the end of the May and for the first time in my career, I actually sent in a manuscript EARLY. Can you believe it? Bet my editor is going to fall off her chair :-).
I've been calling it FORTUNE COMES CALLING, but I suspect that when it is published in 2011, it will probably be "Something BECOMES HER". As for what that something is, your guess is a good as mine. Hmmm, suggestions?
This turned out to be a big book -- manuscript over 450 pages! Never happened to me before but for the last three weeks, it was like I went brain dead. Couldn't figure out how to logically get the characters where I wanted them to be. Drove me nuts! Bless his heart, Howard suggested all sorts of ideas, but none of them worked. I enjoyed writing this book, loved the characters, especially, Great-Aunt Cornelia, but I have to say, I was soooo glad when it was done.
So now, it's on to the next book. Ta, Shirlee