Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hi All:  Sigh. Work on the book these days is like pulling hen's teeth.  Shouldn't be, but it is.  Maybe it's the summer heat? 
I keep thinking my problem is that I've started the book off on the wrong foot and my subconscious is trying to warn me that I've made a mistake, but it won't show me the direction I need to go...yet.  In the past when I've been dead in the water, eventually the fog would clear and I would discover that I had made a left turn, instead of a right and that my subconscious was preventing me from going forward because it knew I'd made a mistake even if I didn't As soon as I realized what I had done and took a new tack, everything flowed as it should.  If that's the case now, I sure hope my conscious and subconscious start talking to each other soon! Real soon.
On the other hand, maybe my lack of significant output is just that it's summer...  Could be, but I'm so aware of the days passing and the pages NOT piling up -- which only adds to the pressure. 
I keep pecking away though, but it's a case of write two lines, rip out three!  Reminds me of when I started writing GYPSY LADY.  Still, even if I'm having trouble with it, I have to keep at it -- this has happened to me before and I suspect it will in the future -- just part of being a writer.  Howard says that it happens with every book.  Ha!  What does he know?  Oh, that's right, he's listened to me whine through every book  :-)
Sometimes you just have to write through the problem, sort of like punching through a tunnel and when you get to the other side and look back, you think, "Now why was that so hard?"  Wish me luck.  Ta, Shirlee