About Shirlee

Author of historical and modern romance, Shirlee Busbee has enjoyed tremendous international success since her first novel Gypsy Lady was published in 1977.

Shirlee's books have been translated into numerous languages and she is a household name to romance readers around the world.

Shirlee is married to her best friend, Howard, and the couple celebrate their 49th anniversary in 2012.

Early life

Shirlee was born in San Jose, California in 1941. She grew up traveling the world with her parents, two sisters and three brothers as her father was a career navel officer. She attended high school in Morocco.

Returning to California, Shirlee attended the Burbank Business College of Santa Rosa, then met and married Howard Busbee in 1963.

While working in Solano County, she met her life-long friend and mentor, Rosemary Rogers. Shirlee followed Rosemary into the world of romance writing, with the much acclaimed success of her first novel, Gypsy Lady. Shirlee went of from that success to carve her own niche in the historical romance genre.

Now days

Shirlee and Howard reside in Northern California on a lovely ranch were the couple is kept busy with their beloved Mini Schnauzers, prize winning Shetland Ponies and of course Shirlee's writing!

Shirlee is writing constantly and has now dipped into blogging. Visit her blog were she writes about her every day life, and how she creates her much loved stories.

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