Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi All: I really have been bad about posting a blog this summer. Hasn't been the happiest summer of my life either. My beloved little Ike, Miniature Schnauzer, died in late July and I was devastated. Still have Mamzelle, Hugo and Boomer, all Miniature Schnauzers, but Ike was my guy. Then we got the ruling on the lawsuit. The judge split the judgement, saying the we had a right to go to one property, but the other people didn't -- properties adjoin and have always and only used the right-of-way in question. So the judgement landlocks 320 Acres of land and if you can't get to it, essentially strips all the value away. Probably will appeal.
On the book front things are a little better. Finished TEMPTATION COMES CALLING in early August and got it sent off to my publisher. Have started, FORTUNE COMES CALLING, and am really excited about it. Hero is Barnaby Joslyn, an American, who inherits a title in England. Heroine is Emily Townsend -- the daughter of the local squire (deceased). Emily's cousin became the squire after her father died and he's, well, a jerk. Takes place in 1793 in Sussex with smugglers and secret passageways galore. Haven't made a lot of progress lately, but I sure am enjoying the characters.
Will try to do better with the blog. My best to everyone. Ta, Shirlee