Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm Baaack!

Hi to Everyone still around :D  I know I've been absent for a really, really long time, but I've been busy...getting body parts replaced.  Ugh.  Have a new right knee and right hip that I fondly refer to as "my right Nip".  Am going to be getting a new left knee in the fall.  I believe it was Betty Davis who said that "Growing old ain't for sissies."  I concur.  On the hand, I'm sure you'll agree it's much better than the alternative.  
I haven't just been concentrating on my body parts I've teamed up with ePUBLISHING WORKS to bring out many of my back-list titles (many long out of print) in ebooks.  Working with Brian and Nina Paules has been great!  So far we've brought out: The Louisiana Ladies Series, which consists of DECEIVE NOT MY HEART, MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE and LOVE BE MINE.  The second series is titled Southern Women and includes, AT LONG LAST, LOVE A DARK RIDER, EACH TIME WE LOVE & THE TIGER LILY.  I'm currently finishing up with English Brides and those books are: A HEART FOR THE TAKING, SWEAR BY THE MOON and WHILE PASSION SLEEPS.  That series should be out sometime this summer. There will be one more after that: Reckless Women, which will include GYPSY LADY, LADY VIXEN and THE SPANISH ROSE.
As I have done so many times in the past, I apologize for not being a better blogger, or should I say "muser".
We've just had a lot on our plate.You know.  Real life.  We're fine.  Looking forward to the future.  I've been researching for a new ORIGINAL series.  Yes, finally there'll be something new from Busbee.  Just don't hold your breath.
And for the gazillionth time, I promise to be more timely with my musings.