Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back List

Hi All:  Just tweeted about Kensington reprinting three of my older titles -- WHISPER TO ME OF LOVE, LOVER'S FOREVER, FOR LOVE ALONE.  Don't have pub dates yet, but I know they're working on WHISPER TO ME OF LOVE first.  Gave them info for the cover back in January.  Thrilled to have some of the older works in the pipe line.  I was surprised they chose those three, but hey!  It's their money.  Would love to see GYPSY LADY, DECEIVE NOT MY HEART and some of those available again., but nothing yet.  Will keep you posted.
Approaching the halfway point on the current book, Barnaby's half-brother, Luc, and his lady love, Gillian.  Love the characters, but honest to God, it's been like pulling hen's teeth to get forward motion.  I keep thinking that soon it'll open up and start really moving.  It better -- due in July!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Time Flies!

Just now getting around to writing the blog and was stunned to discover that the last time I wrote was back in September of 2010.  Yikes!  Talk about letting time go by.
Life in the Busbee household continues rather quietly (thank God!).  I'm busy with the next book, working title, SUSPICION BECOMES HER.  Expect it'll be changed to something more sexy.  Finished the copy-edit of RAPTURE BECOMES HER over the holidays.  Will be out in July 2011. Got to see the cover for it -- nice!  Sort of peachy/apricot.  Of course, Emily is blond and the model has dark hair....
Chanel, the puppy, continues to resist house-training.  She's getting better, but not there yet.  She's 7 months old now and weighs, probably, all of five pounds!  Tiny.  So much for me assuming from her parents's sizes that she'd grow out to be a 12-14 pounder.  Life fools me again.
In the process of selling some of the back list to Kensington Books.  They're interested in WHISPER TO ME OF LOVE,  LOVERS FOREVER  and FOR LOVE ALONE.  Wish I could get some of the Avon books back in print.  Ah well, all things to those who wait.
Hopefully, you guys won't have to wait quite so long for my next blog.  Ha!  Ta, Shirlee