Friday, September 10, 2010

Good grief!  I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I last blogged.  And I was doing so well.  Put my disappearance down to family visits and new puppy.  Oh, yeah, and work on the book.  Finally making some good progress there, but need to make up time.
I don't why, but all our family decided to visit us in August -- or at least it seemed that way.  My sister (haven't seen her in six years) sent me a birthday card with the cryptic note "I hope to see you in August."  Gee.  When?  For how long?  And who's coming with you?  She called on a Saturday afternoon to let me know she and her daughter would arrive on Sunday!  Guess who spent the intervening time frantically cleaning house?  It was a great visit though.  Had lots to catch up on -- emails, brief phone calls and cards just ain't the same as a long, leisurely conversation. 
So my sister leaves and Howard's brother and his wife arrive the next weekend -- same weekend we're getting the new black parti female miniature schnauzer.  Had a great time.  The guys went to a Cowboy Poetry and Pie Social put on by H.'s uncle and my sister-in-law and I stayed home and read and nibbled the whole time they were gone (overnight trip).  Then we were up 0-dark-thirty the next day to drive 4 hours to pick up the puppy.  I've forgotten how much work a puppy can be.  Chanel is a doll, but she's a pistol.  The other minis are taking to her pretty well, but this fat ole lady has done more hoofing it around the yard following a tiny 3 pound bit of fluff than she ever thought possible.
And in between all of the above, I've actually been writing.  Glad that I finally had a break through and don't approach the computer with dread anymore. 
We have some old friends, known 'em for nearly 50 years coming to visit in late September so that will slow me down a little, but I think that's it...for the year :-).  Ta, Shirlee