Saturday, July 28, 2012

Remember me?

Hi Everyone:  Good grief, I know it's been awhile, just didn't realize how loooong it's been.  Guess I've been having too much fun. :-).  Actually, haven't been doing that much.  Finished DESIRE BECOMES HER last fall and it was published this July.  Pretty good book, even if I do say so myself.  Picks up Luc's story (Barnably's half-brother from RAPTURE BECOMES HER) and tells how he find the love of his life.  I'm currently researching for my next book, but don't ask what.  I won't even tell my agent simply because I don't want feedback -- good or bad.  Seems everybody wants to put their two cents in before you even begin and it just throws me off my stride. And I'm not trying to mysterious or anything.  Just don't want to talk about it, until I know what it is :-) Been puttering in the garden (barrels on the deck) and enjoying the flowers -- especially the oriental lilies -- they smell sooo good.   Basically, between research and puttering, that's been my routine.  Hope all of you have been having a great summer.