Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi Everyone: Sorry that I have been remiss about posting to the blog. Been a busy time since I last posted. Still haven't received the judgement on the right of way dispute. Have our fingers crossed that justice (our side) will prevail. All our American Shetland Pony foals had been born. Thrilled with them. 3 fillies and 1 colt. Because the market is so bad, didn't breed anyone back for next year. The stallions are sulking :-). If you want to see what our American Shetland Ponies look like, go to Like all my sites, it needs to be updated, but that doesn't surprise any of you now does it?

Have been working like a demon on TEMPTATION COMES CALLING. Am on the next to the last chapter. Thought I only had one more chapter to go, but turns out I'm a lot more long-winded than I want to admit. Anyway, if all goes well, I should finish the rough draft within the week. The final will be done a week or two after hopes -- I know my editor does!

SURRENDER BECOMES HER, detailing Marcus and Isabel's love story is out now. It's a trade paperbook, published by Zebra. For those of you that missed the first book for Zebra -- SCANDAL BECOMES HER was re-released in a mass market edition in June. Ta, for now, Shirlee