Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lover's Forever -re-issued

Lover's Forever is being re-issued with a December 4, 2012 release date.

The vast estates of the Talmage and Warfield families adjoin each other in Kent, where there is a long history of enmity between the Earls of Sherbourne and the Barons of the Warfield families. When Nicholas Talmage unexpectedly inherits the family estate, he returns to Regency London and then Kent from a stint on the Continent. It is there he surprisingly falls in love with Tess Warfield, though he has no idea at first that this is who the young lady is.
Tess Warfield is victim of a frightening accident as she tries to escape the clutches of the greedy cousin who inherited her father's estate.
Together, Tess and Nicholas discover passion, romance... and answers to the mysterious series of events that initially pitted their families against one another.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Guest Blog Spot!

Forgot to share this one. But another guest blog spot in July was with Regan, at Regan's Romance Reviews.

My Guest Today...favorite author Shirlee Busbee, telling us about her favorite time period in which to set her Historical Romances!

I've often been asked, "What's your favorite time period?" followed
 by "Why?" 

To answer those questions I have to go back thirty-five
 years when I first decided to write a Historical Romance. 

In the beginning I had no idea in which period I would set my book.
 (I also didn't have a plot in mind either.) I did know that I didn't
 want to go too far back in history (although I love the Norman
 invasion period), and that I wanted to stay pre-Civil War.

 I also was pretty sure that I wanted my eventual story to take
 place in England or America, maybe France.

Guest Interview with Joan Swan and Give-away

Shirlee was interviewed by Joan Swan on her blog recently...

Whoo-hoo! I’ve got Shirlee Busbee, New York Times bestselling author, here with me today talking about writing panster-style and making me break out in a cold sweat! Even though I’ve been writing in a very similar fashion as Shirlee describes here for some time now, just seeing it in black and white makes me anticipate a full-body erruption of hives. Eeeek! On the other hand, it’s reassuring to know the method work for a NYT bestseller!! Maybe I’m on the right path after all.

Shirlee is generously giving away 3 books today! A copy of WHISPER TO ME OF LOVE, PASSION BECOMES HER & DESIRE BECOMES HER, so make sure you leave a comment and sign up through the rafflecopter widget below!

Read more of Shirlee's interview here and enter the giveaway!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Remember me?

Hi Everyone:  Good grief, I know it's been awhile, just didn't realize how loooong it's been.  Guess I've been having too much fun. :-).  Actually, haven't been doing that much.  Finished DESIRE BECOMES HER last fall and it was published this July.  Pretty good book, even if I do say so myself.  Picks up Luc's story (Barnably's half-brother from RAPTURE BECOMES HER) and tells how he find the love of his life.  I'm currently researching for my next book, but don't ask what.  I won't even tell my agent simply because I don't want feedback -- good or bad.  Seems everybody wants to put their two cents in before you even begin and it just throws me off my stride. And I'm not trying to mysterious or anything.  Just don't want to talk about it, until I know what it is :-) Been puttering in the garden (barrels on the deck) and enjoying the flowers -- especially the oriental lilies -- they smell sooo good.   Basically, between research and puttering, that's been my routine.  Hope all of you have been having a great summer.