Friday, March 11, 2011

Life in General

Hi All:  Trying to remember to blog.  Ain't easy between, Twitter, Facebook, writing and actually having a life.  I know gazillions love Facebook, but I'm with Betty White and think, generally, that it's a big waste of time.
Howard and I spent most of the pervious week working on the page proofs of RAPTURE BECOMES HER.  It's an interesting process.  We both sit in the living room (near the wood stove this time of year), TV trays in front of us, holding our portion of the page proof and read slowly, searching for errors...for hours.  Very quiet in our house -- even the schnauzers know we're concentrating and tend to sleep, Boomer and Chanel at my feet (I have a heating pad on the floor 'cause my feet freeze) and Mamzelle on the couch.  I get a head start because I'm a faster reader, and I tend to catch the technical errors (or what I think are technical errors), but he catches the real errors, the dropped words, wrong words.  He didn't write the book, so he doesn't do as I do and mentally put in words that aren't there :-).
We barely got the page proofs sent off and some bound galleys arrived.  Love to get them, but it's knot-in- the-pit-of-your-stomach-time because it means they've been mailed off to reviewers.... Gulp!
Still struggling with the current book.  I keep telling myself that while the first half has been a bitch, the second half will be a sweetheart.  Let's hope!  Ta, Shirlee

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