Friday, March 18, 2011


Hi All:  All this past week, in between working on the work, I've been switching mini schnauzers from one crate to the other.  Chanel, at 8 months, is in full bown season and poor Boomer is all hot and bothered.  Figure we have another couple of days before the 'acceptance' phase is over.  Can't arrive soon enough.  I feel so sorry for Boomer -- he's ready, able and willing but Chanel puppies are not on my horizon -- ever.  Spay scheduled for April 29th.  Had hoped to have puppies next year (a big maybe) but Chanel is soooo small, only about 5 pounds, that having puppies is not an option.  Funny thing, I looked and looked for a parti-female that would grow out large enough to breed and while Chanel's parents are 14 and 16 pounds, she's a tiny, so not gonna happen (Howard is thrilled).
The book progresses...slowly.  Sure hope the second half picks up.
Turned around from writing this to discover that it's snowing -- great big, fat, fluffy flakes.  Glad I'm inside with a woodstove.  Not a fan of snow.  I think it's only pretty to look at for about the length of time it takes to drink one or two cups of coffee.  Poor Howard -- he's down feeding the ponies.  Bet he's gonna come home a happy camper...not.  Ta, Shirlee  PS.  Howard just came in -- with a big bouquet of flowers for me!  Now is he a great husband or what?

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