Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Morning!

Hi Everyone:  Well, at least the rain has stopped here in CA.  We actually saw the sun yesterday for more than a few minutes.  Better yet, I had a good day on the book.  I dunno about this book.  All books give me fits at some point during the writing of them, but this one seems to fight me every day.  I keep telling myself that soon things will smooth out and I'll make stunning progress.  Yeah, right.  My working title for this book is SUSPICION BECOMES HER (the publisher will, no doubt, change it), but I'm thinking of calling it WHINING BECOMES HER, because that seems to be all I do lately.
Funny thing about writing.  When it's going well I go around smiling and happy and up beat.  Not going well, I'm truly a whining, crabby, griping, cloud of gloom infesting Howard's world.  He's nearly always positive and looking at the bright side of things and then there's his wife -- Mrs. Crabby ole lady, raining on everyone's parade.  At least I was smiling yesterday.  Hmm.  Rec'd the signed contracts and the check for the three backlist titles sold to Kensington yesterday, too.  Maybe that's why I was smiling.  Ta, Shirlee

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