Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back List

Hi All:  Just tweeted about Kensington reprinting three of my older titles -- WHISPER TO ME OF LOVE, LOVER'S FOREVER, FOR LOVE ALONE.  Don't have pub dates yet, but I know they're working on WHISPER TO ME OF LOVE first.  Gave them info for the cover back in January.  Thrilled to have some of the older works in the pipe line.  I was surprised they chose those three, but hey!  It's their money.  Would love to see GYPSY LADY, DECEIVE NOT MY HEART and some of those available again., but nothing yet.  Will keep you posted.
Approaching the halfway point on the current book, Barnaby's half-brother, Luc, and his lady love, Gillian.  Love the characters, but honest to God, it's been like pulling hen's teeth to get forward motion.  I keep thinking that soon it'll open up and start really moving.  It better -- due in July!!!


  1. It's great. I liked Whisper to me of love, I am sure people will like to have it back again. ;)

  2. Ohhh, yesss!!! hahaha... sorry...:P
    "Decieve not my heart" it's my favorite, I love Morgan Slade!!. "Tiger Lily " is the second one, and "La Rosa de España" : )
    Greetings: Rossana

  3. Hello Ladies: Glad they chose Whispher and was shocked they didn't take Deceive. But don't give up hope -- there's always the future. Ta, Shirlee