Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mo's Book Buzz

Hi All:  I'll be the guest author tonight, Wed. July 20th at 9:00 PM EST on Mo's Book Buzz.  It's a fun group and hopefull, you'll enjoy the visit.  It's easy to find, even I did it!  Go to  Click on RRT Chat over on the left side of the screen.  Once the login screen loads just type in your name and choose Mo's Book Buzz from the chat room menu.  No password needed.  Click on login and you will enter the room.
Story on myself.  After my first visit to Mo's Book Buzz back in November, I wanted to visit again when I wasn't the author and chat with the other authors about them, as opposed to moi --although I am my favorite topic :-).  Anyway, every time I would remember night and time, it would be too late.  We're 3 hours ahead and I don't know about you, but 6:00 PM in our household is pretty crazy.  So finally the day comes that I remember and login.  Proud of myself that I finally remembered day and time....  So I'm there, ready and waiting, but no one else is.  I hang around for a few minutes until the penny drops -- I'm at the right place, and the right time, but the WRONG day!  Ah, the wonders of the creative mind.  Hope some of you will be there tonight on the right day and the right time.  Ta, Shirlee  


  1. Oh
    I was in a trip and I know about this right now... I have would liked to be there...

  2. Hi Mary: Sorry you missed it. It was a lot of fun. Oh, well, maybe when the NEXT book comes out... They have guest authors every Wednesday at 9:00 EST. Not this Wednesday (tonight)but nearly every Wednesday evening. If you go the to website, you can see who will be coming up. Ta, Shirlee