Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi Everyone:  Did my stint as guest author on Mo's Book Buzz last night.  Was frenetic, frantic and FUN!  The questions came hard and fast and I felt like a cork bobbing down a storm-swollen stream.  My mind kept going blank and before I could finish one good question there was another great question to distract me.  It was wild and exhilarating.  Loved it! 
For some reason, there was some confusion with the site (storms?).  Mo's Book Buzz disappeared and we were all dumped into RRT Chat.  Which was okay because we were all there, but it was hairy few minutes, wondering if I was in the wrong place.  I was panicked thinking everybody else was waiting for me in Mo's Book Buzz and I was somewhere spinning in cyberspace -- turned out we ALL were. :-)  Worked our just fine.  Whew! Ta, Shirlee

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