Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Sun is Shining In CA!

Hi Everyone:  How glorious it is to see sunshine and blue skies!  Lately we've been feeling like mushrooms out here in CA.   And whenever I get to feeling too gloomy because of the weather, I think of Japan or the terrible weather the mid-west and east coast is having and then I don't mind gray skies and drizzle at all.  Not one bit.
Had one of our marathon days out of the valley on Friday.  Dogs to the groomers, me to the beauty shop (although why I bother I don't know) and then the doctor's office and a ton of shopping.  Exhausted when home.  Chanel's spay date is fast approaching and there's a few thngs that have been added -- 4 retained puppy teeth to be pulled while she's under and a liver biopsy -- possible liver shunt.  She weighs all of 5.5 pounds.  I'm worried about the operation, but the vet has assured me that he's operated on dogs that small many times.  The possible liver shunt is worrisome, but we all feel that if she does have one, it's small and shouldn't have long-term effects -- other than she'll probably always be skinny.  Because of her size, we call her, our Lap Rat -- said with great affection.
Finished another chapter on the current book.  Had to go back and revise the first chapter.  New bad guys started playing a major part in the book and gee-whiz-golly didn't have a mention of them in the beginning of the book.  Not to worry -- I do that all the time.  Blood Drinker of GYPSY LADY fame, originally didn't appear until about 2/3 rds through the book.  As he took on greater and greater importance, I thought, "If this guy is so important to Jason, shouldn't I have mentioned him in the beginning?"  Yup.  Went back and wrote him in.  That's the neat thing about writing -- as a book evolves you have the ability to correct or revise to incorporate new ideas and characters.  I'm truly a 'seat of the pants' writer and no one is more surprised than I am at the way some books turn out.  Until next time -- "You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward."  James Thurber


  1. Hi Shirlee, I hope your puppies will recovering well from the operation. Poor little guys....
    A question if I may..., when you write about a character from another novel, in this case your first novels do you write about him or her with another perspective or it's the same that when you wrote about him the first time.
    Greetings: Rossana

  2. Sorry...will recover well... : )