Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy. Happy. Happy!

Hi All:  Just rec'd my latest Publisher Weekly and there was a review in it for RAPTURE BECOMES HER.  When reading any review, I always brace myself for some cutting comments, but this time, as I was cautiously reading the first paragraph or two my reaction was, "Wow."  I read a little further and I thought, "Oh, wow."  Finished it, sat back and thought "WOW!"  Was an awesome review!  Best I've ever rec'd from PW.
Of course, then I immediately thought of the book I'm writing now, the second in the Joslyn Family Series, and worried about comparisons with RAPTURE.   Will it be as good?  Worse?  Better?  Arrrgh.
I've decided that writers, anybody in the entertainment business, is just one mass of self-doubt and insecurity.  Worse, we're never satisfied (except for that 30 second glow after a great review).  It's like a batter going up to bat -- we're never satisfied with a base hit, we want that bases loaded home run hit -- every time! 
I've actually made progress on the current book and, for the moment, feel pretty good about it.  I do so like the central characters and it's fun that I can drag in Barnaby, Emily, Cornelia and Lamb, even a villain or two from RAPTURE.  Right now one of the things I'm grappling with is how many bad guys to kill off in this book.  Since I've thougth of the Joslyn Family Series as a 4 book series, I can, if I want, keep one or two villains around for awhile.  Ah, decisions, decisions.  Ta, Shirlee


  1. Dear Shirlee
    Congratulations, you are really admirable.

  2. Thank you, ladies. Thank you. Ta, Shirlee