Thursday, April 23, 2009


Good Morning: Well, the heat spell that CA has been suffering through has finally broken. Thank God! 90 degree heat in April is just not fair. Rain would be nice. We've actually begun to irrigate our one, lone pasture. If we don't get more rain, it's really is gonna be a long, hot summer.

I'm continuing to make progress on TEMPTATION COMES CALLING. Not a lot of progress, but the pages are adding up. Peck. Peck. Peck.

It's been a disruptive week for us. Monday we had to be in court dealing with a right-of-way dispute (someone trying to take away a right-of-way we have used for years). Not fun. And, unfortunately, no middle ground. To add to our already full plate, we're dealing with an American Shetland Pony mare who is giving us fertility problems. Our nearest vet is an hour and a half away so the mare is down boarding at a nearby farm. We were lucky enough to have a friend deliver "Doll" to the farm on Sunday, but we'll have to pick her up today or tomorrow. Now that might not sound like a big deal, but it'll be a 3 hour (or more) round trip -- and that's just the driving. Sometimes living back-of-beyond has its drawbacks, but generally we love it...except when we have to make several trips away from home in one week.

Plan on working on TEMPTATION COMES CALLING this morning. Think I'll attempt a murder.... Wish me a good day. Ta, Shirlee ToTo No


  1. It sounds good!!!
    I feel I want to read it!!!

  2. Hi Shirlee, I'm really looking forward to the new release! I keep checking every week to see if the powers that be have bought it forward!! :-) Would love to get some of your old releases in ebook format, It would be great to have all your books in my bag, instead of tripping my husband up as he walks around our bedroom!! Happy writing x