Saturday, April 18, 2009

My First Blog

Hi Everyone: This is my first blog and since I've never even read a blog, I'm really not certain what I'm doing. My webperson says I'm just to pretend I'm sending an everyone! Gulp! And since this blog site is connected to my author site, I assume that those of you that read my blog want to know about books.

Currently, I'm working on TEMPTATION COMES CALLING -- that's the working title, the publisher may change it. I hope to have it done by mid-summer and if all goes well, it will be out July 2010. 

SCANDAL BECOMES HER will be published as a mass market in June 2009 and SURRENDER BECOMES HER, featuring Marcus Sherbrook (Julian and Charles's cousin) will come out in trade format in July 2009. No ghosts or serial killers in this one. More of a traditional historical romance. 

TEMPTATION COMES CALLING, will pick up a character from SURRENDER BECOMES HER, but I can't tell you who it is until after you've read TEMPTATION COMES CALLING. Not trying to be mysterious, just not wanting to reveal too much before you've read the book.

I hope that you all will help me with this blog. What do you want to see? If you want me just to muse off the top of my head, that's okay -- just remember that you asked for it :-). 

If there's something you want me to discuss, tell me. Just give me some guidelines so I don't bore you to death and humiliate myself. 

Ta, Shirlee


  1. Hello, my name is Rossana, I live in CD. Juarez, Chih. Mexico, and I am a faithful admirer of you and your work.
    I am charmed with your novels and the prominent figures of each one of them, my favorites are,in first place Don't deceivce my heart, because it was the first novel that came to my hands when i had 13 years old, and secondly Tiger Lily, I love Bret Dangermond and Morgan Slade.
    I Hope your novels return to publish in Spanish, especially those of the series Louisiana.
    I say goodbye sending a greeting and to say to you, that I am waiting your most recently work and i hope it published in spanish. And all your novels.

    An embrace ....... Rossana

  2. P.D. Sorry for my english....

  3. more coment.
    I LOVE the cover of your novels, specially all covers of Louisiana.
    You are an inspiration for me, and I hope, maybe one day, I can write a novel.
    I'm practice...
    O.k..... Bay...

  4. Hi Rossana: What a lovely name you have! Good to hear from you and I apologize for my delay in answering your post. I love DECEIVE NOT MY HEART, too! And Morgan Slade has long been one of my favorite leading men. Thought Bret Dangermond was an interesting man. You have good taste :-).
    I believe that several of my earlier novels from Avon have been sold to a Spanish publisher, so they may be coming out in Spanish in the near future.
    I always thought the covers for my early works were spectacular -- in fact, I was lucky enough to be able to buy the original artwork and the paintings are scattered throughout my home.
    If you want to be writer, start writing. Anything. Keep a diary. Write how you feel. Get comfortable with the written word. Thanks for writing. Ta, Shirlee

  5. Hi, Shirlee
    I am Mary, the owner (with Kristnel) and designer of your spanish web site ( Do you remember me?
    I did not know that you had a blog!!! Why didn't I know? This is wonderful since I can have news from you frecuently.
    Since today I am a follower of this blog, and also I will read everithing you have written here to update my mind jajaja.
    Also, I will tell Kristnel to see this blog, she is going to be very happy.
    I send you a huge and I will be here reading and posting comments.
    See you soon,
    (Sorry for my English...)